Why is the project called REACH?

We believe God calls his people to reach beyond themselves

to others in need and to those who are far from God. 

This often requires us to first reach within ourselves

and examine our hearts and priorities.

growth in ministries

God continues to bless Second Church with growth! We have the wonderful opportunity to steward this growth. The new building will be a place to help transform the lives of our children, students and the people coming to support our ministries.


We will have space to grow and reach the lost and broken and introduce them to Jesus in a place where students feel like they belong. It will also mean more space for students to hang out and connect with each other and be influenced by a loving adult leader.

Let's reach together

Growth is a sign of a healthy church. The church is not a destination but a hub where ministry flows out. The REACH project is not about a bigger building but more effective ministry and reaching more people.

the reach impact

There is no limit on the number of people God calls us to reach.

more information on the "reach" project

  • Reach brochure

    This informational guide describes the ongoing growth we have experienced here at Second Church. It also outlines the building expansion project that is designed to address our current and future growth needs for both our church and the community.

  • Reach Insert

    This flyer lists the weekly sermon themes and dates of the generosity initiative as well as the blueprint of the building expansion with corresponding photos.