Calendar of events

  • 29 - Memorial Day - Office Closed
  • 29 - June 2 - Senior Saints Trip


  • 8 - Widow's Might
  • 9 - 17 - HSM Mexico Missions Trip
  • 11 - Monthly Missions Meeting
  • 17 - AMBUCS Baseball Pack the Stadium
  • 19 - Elders Meeting
  • 25 - 29 - JHM CIY Mix
  • celebrate recovery

    Beginning Tuesday, June 6 ı 5:30 p.m.

    Next Gen Auditorium

    If you are looking for a way to live a more peaceful life, free from all of your hurts, hang-ups, and habits, become a part of a group of imperfect people who gather to learn and help each other in the struggles of today’s world. We share an amazing meal, fellowship, worship, and learn how to cope with each of our struggles.

    Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step, Christian-based program helping free anyone from their hurts, habits, or hang-ups. CR meets every Tuesday night at 5:30 p.m. in Next Gen beginning Tuesday, June 6.

    General Schedule

    • 5:30- Dinner
    • 6:00- Worship, 12 steps, Lesson/Testimony
    • 6:45- Share Groups
    • 7:30- Social
    • 8:00- Close


    Ambucs’ mission is to create mobility and independence for people with disabilities. We have some great opportunities for you to help support the work of Ambucs this summer with their Challenger Baseball program. 

    BE A BUDDY! You can sign up on the church app or the church website to be a buddy during one of the baseball games in June. Games are played on Saturday mornings on June 3, 10 & 24 at Winter Park.

    PACK THE STADIUM  on Saturday, June 17! Our church staff and volunteers will serve as buddies on this Saturday, and we would love to fill Danville Stadium to support these amazing kids. Second Church t-shirts will be for sale starting today for $10. Make sure you grab one and wear it on Sunday, June 17, as we try to Pack the Stadium for the AMBUCs baseball games from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.!

    Sign Up

  • global leaership summit

    August 10 & 11


    Leadership is really about influence, and everyone has influence. Parents can influence children. Grandparents can influence grandchildren. Employees can influence coworkers and sometimes employers. Friends can influence friends. In every area of life you can influence the people around you. The question is not whether you have influence, but, rather, how are you using your influence? The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day teaching event that will help you learn how to better steward your influence – to be a better parent, grandparent, spouse, employee, employer, neighbor and friend. The mission of Second Church is to “make Christ-center Disciples,” which is the highest form of influence we are all called to do. The bottom line? The GLS will inspire and equip you to be a better influencer for the Kingdom of God! Please make plans to attend!

    Click Here to access videos and more information about the Global Leadership Summit

  • The Praying ________

    If Second Church of Christ is going to accomplish God's will, it is essential that we be a church and a people of prayer. To help with that The Praying _____ will be a team dedicated to praying for spiritual victories, and the spiritual health of the church. This will be a team that will make a difference in the life of the church and thus in the life of our communities.

    1. The Need

    2. The Plan

    • This will not change the present prayer list or prayer chain. The prayer list/chain deals mostly with physical problems; sickness, death, medical test, etc. The prayer list/chain will continue to be available to lift up these needs. The Praying _____ will deal with spiritual needs and battles. 
    • This team will be praying for the leading of the Holy Spirit, for conversions, spiritual struggles, new believers, those who have fallen away, and guidance for the church. Also, this team will pray for our services and ministries. We will pray for our leaders both political and spiritual. 
    • Every week each member of the team will receive a list of needs, people, programs, etc. for which to pray.
    • Also, at various times each member will receive resources to help with their prayer life.

    3. Requirements To Be A Part Of The Praying ______

    • The person must be a Christ follower.
    • The person must commit to pray every day for the prayer needs they receive.
    • The person must believe that God moves in response to His people’s prayers.

    4. I’m In, What Do I Do?

    • Sign up
    • Give an email or other address you will check regularly.
    • Begin to read the above Scriptures to prepare yourself to be a part of great change at Second Church of Christ.
    • Watch for further information. You will be contacted by Drew Mentzer who is leading this team.