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  • global leaDership summit

    August 10 & 11


    Leadership is really about influence, and everyone has influence. Parents can influence children. Grandparents can influence grandchildren. Employees can influence coworkers and sometimes employers. Friends can influence friends. In every area of life you can influence the people around you. The question is not whether you have influence, but, rather, how are you using your influence? The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day teaching event that will help you learn how to better steward your influence – to be a better parent, grandparent, spouse, employee, employer, neighbor and friend. The mission of Second Church is to “make Christ-center Disciples,” which is the highest form of influence we are all called to do. The bottom line? The GLS will inspire and equip you to be a better influencer for the Kingdom of God! Please make plans to attend!

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  • Connect group sign ups

    Our mission at Second Church is to make Christ-centered disciples, and we believe that healthy relationships are absolutely essential in reaching that goal. Life change happens best through relationships! To help us get better connected and to grow in our faith, Connect Groups are kicking off on Wednesday, September 6. Groups will meet here at the building and in people’s homes. If you are already in a group, you do not need to sign up again. If you are in a group and want to switch to a different group, please email Sandra Lathrop. If you haven’t signed up and would like to be a part of a Connect Group, sign-ups are now available at the link below.

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