In 1899, a tent meeting was held in the 600 block of North Bowman Avenue in Danville, Illinois. A group of 75 people from the First Church of Christ was interested in starting a church on the east side of Danville. A charter was signed, and Second Church of Christ was established. A building committee was formed and plans were underway to build a new church building. By 1900, the first building of Second Church of Christ was erected at 609 North Bowman Avenue.

Throughout the years, Second Church of Christ continued to grow and acquired several surrounding properties and added to the original building.

Because of continued growth and limited property to expand, the church decided to relocate. In September of 1979, a bond sale was started to raise funds for a new building. Property was purchased at Voorhees Street and Lynch Road. On October 14 of 1979, ground was broken at our present site for a new church building.

The first service in the new building was held on March 22, 1981. A special service was held on October 2, 1994, to burn the mortgage of the Voorhees property.

In November of 2000, the first offering for our Forward in Faith building campaign was received, and, in May of 2001, the final draft of an expansion was approved. A groundbreaking service was held on June 17, 2001. Construction was completed in 2003, adding 23,235 square feet, 16 new classrooms, 10 new offices, a large choir practice room, a stage in the gym, expanded foyer and a canopy over the front entryway. In addition to the expansion, renovation was done to create a larger kitchen area and to update existing rooms.

With the expansion of classrooms, The Two by Two Daycare was opened to minister to over 100 children.

In 2006, over the weeks before and after Easter, we expanded our sanctuary, tearing out the back wall, creating space for over 100 more seats to accommodate our growing congregation. And in 2010, we added a fourth service to our morning worship schedule to make room for more to come to know Christ.

In 2013 the congregation committed funding for a new and expanded foyer and the renovation of the worship center and the gym. The gym was changed to a second worship venue that became the home for a new ministry called Next Gen. The original worship center was updated and seating expanded. Our foyer was greatly expanded so that people can better connect with one another.

We continue to grow thanks to God's grace, and we will continue to expand as we seek and save the lost and strive to do His will.