What is HSM like? 

How can I connect more with HSM?

When does HSM meet?


9:20 a.m. - Sunday School (Upstairs in Office area)

5:00 p.m. - HSM (The Commons/Next Gen Auditorium)

If you have any questions or would just like to chat, you can contact Tyler Russell, the high school minister, by e-mail or by calling the church office (217) 442-7306.


  • HSM CIY Move

    July 15-20 | Cleveland, TN

    Move is a 5-day event held in Cleveland, TN designed to amplify the call of Christ on high school students’ lives to become Kingdom workers. MOVE provides a program for 30,000 high school students every summer. Students are challenged through intense, interactive worship, dynamic preaching, small group study and community building.

    Students at MOVE not only learn and worship together – they spend quality time with their church youth groups, discovering ways that God will use them to impact the world.

    MOVE is more than just another conference or camp – it’s an experience! It’s an all-inclusive event providing food, lodging, recreational activities and an amazing program. 



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